Toronto Salsa Festival

April 13-16, 2017

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 2017 Toronto Salsa Festival Pro-Am Heats & Showcase Competitions

When:  6:00pm – Friday April 14, 2017
Where: Sheraton Hotel – Toronto Salsa Festival Showcase
Time:  Divisions:  PRO-AM

Pro-Am Bachata Beginner (Freestyle Heats)
Pro-Am Bachata Intermediate (Freestyle Heats)
Pro-Am Bachata Advanced (Freestyle Heats)
Pro-Am Bachata Choreography

Pro-Am Salsa Beginner (Freestyle Heats)
Pro-Am Salsa Intermediate (Freestyle Heats)
Pro-Am Salsa Advanced (Freestyle Heats)
Pro-Am Salsa Choreography


* Note All Categories:
Contestants Must register by March 15, 2017
No Preliminaries / One-Time Competition
Registered contestants must hold valid Festival pass for evening of competition  (Full Pass – Performer Pass – Single Evening Pass)
There are no minimum or contestants per category.
Forfeit: If unable to compete once registered, registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
The Toronto Salsa Festival reserves the right to cancel a category. In this case full registration fees are refunded.

Note – Freestyle Pro-Am Heats:
Beginner – student 6m to 12m
Intermediate – student over 12m no more than 24m
Advanced – student over 24m

Note – Choreography:
Points will be deducted for no costume
Points will be deducted for exceeding 120 seconds (2m) limit


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